Convenient Video Sessions On-Demand

During these uncertain times, maintaining your mental health is more important than ever. Hall & Associates therapists offer convenient and flexible scheduling of video telehealth therapy sessions from the comfort of your home or anywhere you happen to be.


Your Privacy Is Assured

Our therapists can connect to you from your home computer or smart phone without complicated, special software or technical know-how. Of course, your privacy is critical to our work. That’s why we can connect with you with virtually any video calling app you are comfortable with, and you can rest easy knowing your sessions are just as secure as meeting with you face-to-face.


Benefits of Telehealth
  • No need to miss work or travel for an appointment
  • Eliminates child or elder care barriers
  • Less waiting time to see a therapist


If you are in need of immediate, compassionate and caring mental telehealth services, please contact us.